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Volkswagen Group reveals 4 New platform

The Volkswagen Group is planning to overtake Toyota, the world’s biggest car maker, as part of a 10-year plan that will see the majority of new Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat models – possibly even some Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Bugattis – adopt one of four mechanical platforms.

The four new model architectures are for compact rear-engined city cars (MHB), small to midsized transverse-engined family cars (MQB), mid-engined sports cars, and larger longitudinal-engined cars (MLB).

According to a report in Automotive News yesterday, those four architectures could allow the VW Group to almost double its volume by 2018, to reduce model development times by up to a year, and to reduce costs by between 25- and 40 per cent. Here’s what’s known about each of them right now.

’MHB’ to underpin smallest models

Volkswagen’s smallest new platform will form the basis of its forthcoming family of rear-engined Up! city cars but, as Autocar has learned, it will also serve underneath a new Seat city car known as the Ros, after the firm’s Arosa city car.

There is considerable scope for it also to be used to engineer a bargain basement Skoda model, given the Czech brand’s reputation for value for money. Industry experts will be keeping an eye out for a concept car at one of Europe’s motor shows next year.

As the cheapest of VW’s four platforms, it’s also likely to play an important role in the groups’ expansion into developing markets.

From Fabia to Bolero, via Audi’s new A1: ‘MQB’

VW’s next platform up will become its most ubiquitous ever. It’s codenamed ‘MQB’ and will allow VW to engineer a variety of different front, transverse-engined, front-wheel drive cars using the same starting point.

The models themselves will span several segments, varying in size from the next VW Polo and Skoda Fabia at the smaller end, up to the next VW Passat and Seat Bolero. They will differ in concept as widely as the sixth generation VW Golf and the next Audi TT, and the inherent flexibility within the platform will allow manufacturers to vary wheelbase, track width, overall height and seating position.

All ‘MQB’ products, however, will share components, manufacturing processes, and primarily the positioning of the engine, front axle and pedal box will be the same in all. The first to appear is likely to be the Audi A1, in 2010.The Volkswagen Group MQB platform is one of a range of automobile platforms of the Volkswagen Group. MQB stands for the German Modularer Querbaukasten, which can be loosely translated as “Modular Transverse Matrix= This component matrix is intended to allow Volkswagen Group to design a wide variety of transverse, front-engined, front-wheel drive models using the same set of components.

Cars based on MQB are expected to range from superminis to large family cars, replacing the current generations of models such as the Škoda Fabia or Volkswagen Passat. MQB will hence supersede the current PQ25, PQ35 and PQ46 platforms. The first model to use MQB is the second-generation Volkswagen Sharan, launched in March 2010

All Volkswagen Group MQB platform cars will share the same engine, front axle and pedal box positioning, but the platform will be flexible enough to allow individual models to have a variety of wheelbase, track and external dimensions.

new platform for mid-engined sports cars

Next in the scale is a new platform for mid-engined sports cars which the VW Group is currently developing. The internal codename for this project has been kept a secret, but Autocar understands that the project is borne out of the desire to be able to make cars as distantly separated as the Porsche Boxster and Lamborghini Gallardo more easily and more profitably.

According to our information, the next Porsche Boxster and Cayman will use this new model architecture, as will a smaller mid-engined sibling for the Audi R8, called the R4.

If it’s sufficiently adaptable, the new mid-engined platform could also be farmed out to both Lamborghini and Bugatti. Watch this space to read more on the project.

Top of the pile: ‘MLB’

The VW Group’s largest new platform will allow it to develop the next Audi A6, the new VW Phaeton, the next Bentley Continental GT and anything in between. It allows engines to be positioned longitudinally in the engine bay, and for power to be channelled to all four wheels, and is already serving under the new Audi A4 and A5.

New platforms, new models

As well as fathering replacements for the models we already know, these four model architectures will streamline development processes, and make it easier and cheaper for VW to bring all-new models to the road.

The means we’re going to see even more niche models from the group that recently gave us the VW Tiguan and Audi R8. We’re already expecting more offroaders and a premium supermini from Audi, a compact coupe from Seat, and both a small 4×4 and a large crossover from Skoda in the coming years. It seems those models are only the tip of the iceberg.

SOURCE : autoten.com

A Look at the Numerous Models of Haro Bmx Bikes Available

Haro BMX bikes аrе designed specially tο bе lighter аחԁ stronger. Tһеrе аrе numerous models available here. Forum, Back trail etc аrе ѕοmе οf tһе main divisions οf Haro BMX bikes.

Forum Bikes: Forum Pro һаѕ 100% Chromoly frame аחԁ іt һаѕ stiffer legs. It іѕ designed tο bе less weight. Pivotal technology іѕ used tο design tһе seats. Tһе colors available аrе white аחԁ coffee fade.

Forum counterpart іѕ another model οf Haro BMX bikes аחԁ іt һаѕ аƖѕο 100% chromoly frame set. It һаѕ 36 h Sun Rhyno lite rims. Tһе fork іѕ designed thread less аחԁ іt һаѕ alloy pedals аחԁ steel pegs.

Forum Intro һаѕ tube chromoly frame аחԁ іt һаѕ 100% chromoly forks аחԁ handle bars. Tһе colors available аrе brick red, brown fade, trophy blue аחԁ black.

Forum partial20 inch, 18 inch аחԁ 16 inch BMX bikes аrе available wіtһ Chromoly down аחԁ steer tube.

Forum Lite bikes: Forum Pro-lite bikes frοm Haro BMX bikes һаνе 21-inch TT chromoly frame set. Tһеу υѕе odyssey Aitkin tires. Tһе pivotal technology used provides comfortable seating system.

Forum counter раrt lite BMX bikes һаνе odyssey Aitkin tires аחԁ Odyssey team grip. Tһе colors available аrе black, orange аחԁ grey fork.

Forum Intro lite һаѕ alloy sealed bearing hub sets. Tһеу come іח gloss black/ sea foam аחԁ sea foam/Grey.

X series Haro BMX bikes: Tһеrе аrе 5 X series bikes here. Back trail X3 һаѕ alloy cassette hub sets. Tһе alloy sprocket comes wіtһ machined teeth. Tһеу come іח pearl white, gloss black аחԁ brіɡһt green colors.

X2 bikes аrе suitable fοr dirt, park аחԁ street traction. It һаѕ chromoly tube frame аחԁ steer tube fork. It һаѕ alloy hubs аחԁ Tektro brakes. Blue, black аחԁ orange аrе tһе colors available fοr tһіѕ model.

X1 bikes һаνе alloy rims аחԁ chromoly down tube. Tһе alloy pedals grant more grips іח аƖƖ surfaces. Tһе seat іѕ designed wіtһ steel post.

X0 bikes һаνе back trail design frame. Odyssey free wheel аחԁ Haro Catapult tires аrе tһе key features οf tһіѕ model.

F series BMX bikes: Tһеrе аrе 8 models іח F series Haro BMX bikes. Tһеу аrе specially designed fοr free flow аחԁ style. F4 model һаѕ alloy sprocket wіtһ machined teeth. It аƖѕο һаѕ double walled rims аחԁ alloy hubs.

F3 іѕ designed wіtһ 3 + tube chromoly. It һаѕ 14 mm chromoly axles. It һаѕ 100% chromoly fork. F2 іѕ designed wіtһ chromoly down tube. It һаѕ tektra brakes. F1 іѕ designed wіtһ חеw frame design. It һаѕ Haro MS 4 tires. F1c һаѕ 2 sets οf pegs. It һаѕ front аחԁ rear brakes. It іѕ more suitable fοr free style riding.

F24, F18 аחԁ F 16 bikes һаνе 24 inch, 18 inch аחԁ 16 inch whelks respectively. Tһеу һаνе front аחԁ rear brakes аחԁ 2 sets οf pegs. Tһе main line free wheel іѕ used here.

Z series Haro bikes: Z1 haro BMX bikes һаνе medium profile frame аחԁ tһеу υѕе small block resin pedals. It һаѕ V type brakes. Z16 CB οחƖу bikes аrе designed wіtһ low profile frame аחԁ junior resin pedals. It һаѕ soft krayton rubber grips. Z 12 CB οחƖу іѕ designed wіtһ junior pedals аחԁ low profile frame.

Tһе haro BMX bikes аrе available іח online stores аחԁ уου саח аƖѕο ɡеt frοm authorized dealers іח уουr nearby locality аƖѕο. Tһеу аrе reliable аחԁ offer thrill аחԁ fun tο tһе rider.

SOURCE : lowrider-design.com

2011 GMC Acadia Denali

Acadia began in 2007 as the first crossover from GMC, with segment-leading fuel economy and innovative features. An exclusive Smart Slide system allows easy access to an adult-sized third row with the current capacity of seven or eight passenger seating configurations. Fold-flat second and third row seating flexibility and cargo-passenger configurations, the best-in-class interior. Acadia’s slick design, impressive fuel efficiency and security features make it a confidence immediate success and build the ideal platform on which it is a model for Denali.

GMC Acadia Denali will be optimized by a 3.6 liter direct-injection V-6 VVT engine with the performance and fuel consumption, emissions while driving – including a 25-percent reduction in cold start emissions. Engine performance is enhanced by the advanced six-speed automatic transmission. Maximum towing capacity is a class leading 5200 lbs (2364 kg).

The 2011 Acadia Denali goes on sale in the third quarter of 2010. It is front wheel drive and four wheel drive models are available, as are seven and eight passenger configurations. The standard 3.6L direct injection V-6 contributes to an EPA rating of 24 mpg highway with FWD models.

Another prize is covered with 20-inch, two-tone chrome wheels. The six-spoke chrome inserts feature black chrome spoke to Kit. The Acadia Denali is available in five exterior colors: Quicksilver Metallic, Summit White, Carbon Black, Red Jewel Tintcoat and White Diamond Tricoat.

Riding In The Lap Of Luxury Travel With A Virgin Island Yacht Charters

If you’ve never had the experience of being at the helm of a yacht as you sail through the crystal waters of the Virgin Islands, then consider making that your next vacation goal. A variety of yacht rental and/or vacation facilities are available that will provide you with a complete line of vessels from which to choose for your luxury excursion. Bareboats BVI - Located in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, this facility offers a comprehensive line of yachting models and services. Complete with Caribbean sailing charters, motor yacht vacations and crewed yachting holidays, there’s something for everyone - with every level of experience - at this premier yacht chartering establishment. They can be located online at Island Yacht Charters - Be the skipper of your own chartered yacht or rent a crewed charter when you choose a vacation package through this top-of-the-line Caribbean facility. Located in the Red Hook area of St. Thomas, these folks also offer land packages which include accommodations at Villa Nathalie - a two-bedroom villa on the island's east end.

For more information, visit their website at St. John’s Classic Motor Yacht - Complete with public cruises and private charters, this establishment - located in Cinnamon Bay - offers a variety of vacation and charter packages. Destinations include Virgin Gorda, Outer Cay and Norman Treasure Caves, and will personally customize your trip to accommodate up to 40 guests. Their luxurious yachts include amenities such as spacious salons, teak and mahogany construction, awnings, oversized sun decks, on-board heads and more. Visit their website to check out their vessels and vacation options. Both motor and luxury yacht charters are available to guests, as well as special holiday options that are available during designated times. Whether you prefer a sailing yacht, motor yacht or luxury crewed yacht, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Destination BVI.

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Hummers Collection by 3d_molier


Check out these Hummer Models collection by 3d_molier

Hummers Collection is a versatile set of 4 high quality models to add more details and realism to your rendering projects.
Fully detailed, textured models. With semi-detailed interiors. Detailed enough for close-up renders. Comes with detailed textures.

Models list:
1. Hummer H3T
2. Hummer H1
3. Hummer H2 Limo
4. Hummer H2

SOURCE : dddmolier.blogspot.com

Porsche to Unveil First Production Hybrid, the All-New Cayenne S Hybrid SUV, at the New York Auto Show

Porsche will introduce the next-generation Cayenne sport utility vehicle, including a hybrid gas-electric version, to the North American market on March 31 during a press conference at the New York International Automobile Show.

Led by a highly advanced hybrid model, the new Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicle delivers improved performance while using less fuel and producing fewer emissions throughout the entire model lineup.

The North American Cayenne model range will include four models: the 2011 Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne S Hybrid. The S and Turbo models go on sale in July, with the Cayenne and Cayenne S Hybrid in dealer showrooms this fall.

All the new Cayenne models embody the Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy, the evolution of vehicles sportier than their predecessors, yet more fuel and emissions efficient.

"Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy is more than a slogan. It is nothing less than Porsche keeping pace with the modern automotive landscape by dramatically lowering emissions, becoming greener and saving fuel," explained Detlev von Platen, Porsche Cars North America President and CEO. "We will we accomplish this through technology and innovative ideas, just as we have throughout our history, and show that Porsche's high performance and efficiency are not contradictory terms."

Cayenne's dynamic new design offers less weight and more room

The Cayenne's new exterior leaves no doubt it is part of the Porsche family. Its sporting character is evident from all angles, and its Porsche shape and highlights are more distinct than before. From a dimensions standpoint, it is 1.9 inches longer than its predecessor, and its wheelbase adds 1.6 inches, ensuring extra interior space and greater versatility. Still, despite its larger exterior, this next-generation Cayenne looks even more compact and dynamic.

Thanks to a special combination of materials as well as changes in the overall vehicle concept, such as a new all-wheel drive system, weight has been reduced on all models. Despite a higher standard of safety features, the Cayenne S, for example, is almost 400 lbs lighter, which not only improves fuel consumption and lowers emissions, but also boosts performance, agility, and handling.

Inside, the luxurious interior features a high center console that, like the Panamera, rises up at an incline to meet the dashboard center stack and a touch-screen infotainment interface. Porsche's traditional set of five round instruments in the driver's gauge cluster includes a high-resolution circular TFT screen to the right of the tachometer. It can be used to change radio stations, vehicle settings, access the navigation system or view the map. Rear-seat comfort is improved, as well. The bench slides fore-and-aft by 6.3 inches, while the backrest can be adjusted.

The Advanced Cayenne S Hybrid

The high-tech Cayenne S Hybrid that is debuting at the New York show next week features a highly sophisticated parallel full hybrid system. With a combined power output of 380 horsepower from the supercharged V6 combustion engine and an electric motor, the Cayenne S Hybrid combines the performance of a V8 with the economy of a V6.

Through continuous interaction between the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 and electric motor, the Cayenne S Hybrid focuses on maximum efficiency. Depending on driving conditions, either drive unit can operate independently or together. The 47-horsepower (34 kW) electric motor is the ideal partner for the 333-horsepower engine, which produces high torque at low engine speeds. With peak torque at 428 lb-ft at just 1,000 rpm, the Cayenne S Hybrid's performance is on par with a V8-powered Cayenne S.

The Cayenne S Hybrid's two drive units are connected by a decoupling clutch. A hybrid controller constantly coordinates their complex interaction, and intelligent management of the clutch makes the transition among various driving modes seamless. Like many hybrids, the Cayenne S Hybrid can cover short distances on electric power alone, free of emissions and noise up to 60 km/h or almost 40 mph. For aggressive acceleration, the motor provides an extra 'boost' to the gasoline engine.

Like many hybrids, the Cayenne S Hybrid can cover short distances on electric power alone, free of emissions and noise up to 60 km/h or almost 40 mph. For aggressive acceleration, the motor provides an extra 'boost' to the gasoline engine.

New Standard for Sport Utility Vehicles

All new-generation Cayenne SUVs set high standards for efficiency and performance. Compared with the former models, fuel consumption is down by up to 23 percent in the New European Driving Cycle and CO2 emissions are reduced. Actual EPA-certified fuel economy figures will be available when the cars go on sale in North America in July.

A new eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission with a wide range of gear ratios and the Automatic Start Stop function (first introduced on the Panamera) contribute to these improvements. So does efficient thermal management of the engine and transmission cooling circuits, on-board electrical network recuperation, variable deceleration fuel cut-off and the Cayenne's intelligent lightweight construction.

The entry-level Cayenne with its 300-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine and mated to the new eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission consumes 20 percent less fuel than its predecessor.

Fuel consumption is also down significantly on the high-torque Cayenne S. Its 4.8-liter V8 produces 400 horsepower, 15 more than the previous model.

The Cayenne Turbo, with its 500-horsepower, 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 also consumes less fuel than its predecessor despite its improved performance and acceleration.

Three other new Porsche models are making their New York debuts next week. Most prominent is the agile, light and dynamic 2011 Boxster Spyder roadster, a purer Porsche roadster weighing in at just 2,811 lbs. This sleek version of Porsche's popular mid-engine sports car is the lightest Porsche available is on sale now with an MSRP of $61,200. Also on display will be the 2011 911 Turbo Cabriolet featuring a 500-horsepower 3.8-liter engine, the first entirely new engine in 911 Turbo's storied 35-year- history. Finally, the new Porsche Panamera, the company's first four-door Gran Turismo, will grace the Porsche display in New York.

About Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), based in Atlanta, Ga., is the exclusive importer of Porsche vehicles for the United States. It is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. PCNA employs approximately 180 people who provide Porsche vehicles, parts, service, marketing and training for its 200 dealers. The dealers, in turn, provide Porsche owners with best-in-class service. Throughout its 61-year history, Porsche has developed numerous technologies that have advanced vehicle performance, improved safety and spurred environmental innovations within the automotive industry. The company continues to celebrate its heritage by adding to its long list of motorsports victories dating back to its first 24 Hours of Le Mans class win in 1951. Today, with more than 28,000 victories, Porsche is recognized as the world's most successful brand in sports car racing. PCNA, which imports the iconic 911 series, the highly acclaimed Boxster and Cayman mid-engine sports cars, high-end Cayenne sport utility vehicles and the four-passenger Panamera Gran Turismos, strives to maintain a standard of excellence, commitment and distinction synonymous with its brand.

SOURNCE http://www.auto-mobi.info/

Another appearance Hummer, this time from H2 Bomber Geiger [pictures]

Now the Hummer again able to attract attention because they do not pay virtually no attention to any obstacle in front of him. Unfortunately, this news does not directly address stamps, we are talking about the Hummer H2 Bomber, developed tuning-studio Geiger.
SUV received four systems Mattracks 88M1-A1, instead of the usual rubber, which is 150 cm in length and 40 cm in width. Therefore, for the Hummer H2 Bomber now the landscape plays little or no role.

At one time, Hummer H2 equipped with V-8 engine, power 329 hp at 5 200 rpm and 495 Nm of torque at 4 000 rpm. But now this is the upgraded engine and produces 398 hp at 5 700 rpm and 563 Nm of torque at 4 300 rpm.
"Monstrous" SUV addition received another section of the headlamps, which are installed on the roof and some graphic images on the body, more typical of the armed forces.

H2 Bomber has a sunroof, navigation system, equipped with a DVD-player from Kenwood, monitor, headphones and rear-view system, integrated with the rearview mirror.

The German tuning studio also offers many additional functions. "If you need a real SUV, it GeigerCars H2 Bomber exactly what you want" - said in a press release.

SOURCE : http://garagecar.blogspot.com

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Set for Its NY Debut

By Chris Weiss

Details on the 2011 Porsche Cayenne models were revealed back in February, and the new Cayenne series made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. All four Cayenne models (Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne S Hybrid and Cayenne Turbo)will make their North American debut at the New York Auto Show next week.

Powered by a 333 hp supercharged 3-liter V6 and a 47 hp electric motor, the Cayenne S Hybrid spits out 380 horses and 427 lb-ft of torque. Despite that hefty power at your foot, the hybrid system boosts the Cayenne’s efficiency by 20 percent.

The Cayenne S Hybrid will hit dealers this fall.

SOURCE : motorcrave.com