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2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT

The 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT comes with a GT speed alternative for the year 2008 as the Speed Model produces an amazing 600 horsepower while the 2008 GT has a maximum horsepower of 552. Compared to the model from the previous year, this one shows off its stylish alterations that any car lover would be dying to get their hands on. In the range of the $200 000 exotic cars, the Bentley’s coupes symbolizes a car fairly more refined, yet still a sporty vehicle – optional to others like Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari. As stated by Bentley, the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT was “conceived to be a sporting coupe without rival.” Besides the amazing design of this car, it also offers an all wheel ride as well as four very comfortable seats. It has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an amazing 4.6 seconds! The GT Speed vehicle can do the same, but in an even more amazing 4.3 seconds! Both of these vehicles can do a maximum speed of approximately 200 miles per hour.

Characteristics of the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT include cross stitching on the door panels and seats, wood veneers, two-toned steering wheel and a built in phone that can now function in six different languages. The seat belts and floor carpets match the interior tone of the vehicle. Some of the interior changes that have been made to the car are the four seats, which can comfortably accommodate people up to six feet tall. The designers of the interior of the vehicle worked with a few basketball players during their designing, to ensure that tall people and people of all sizes and shapes would be accommodated in the vehicle. Some of the interior, like the leather upholstery and wood can be specified as it doesn’t only come in one type.

A regular dashboard with a fashionable console that climbs upward and curves to the sides in an awesome shape that imitates the Bentley wing emblem design featured inside the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT. Most of the routine controls may be accessed conveniently from the steering wheel so there is no reason to take your hands off the wheel and put yourself in danger when you want to make use of the controls. For this vehicle, the display of the driver’s information provides a completely new look; by displaying the information with thin film technology which offers the driver a clearer view of the data. A new dashboard clock features on the dashboard, and there is an original satellite radio. Also stepped up a notch in the vehicle is the Bluetooth system that is now improved and compatible with cell-phones and some voice dialing options. Some other options include a back-up camera and a perfectly comfortable three spoke steering wheel. The 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT also features drilled alloy pedals and a leather and chrome gearshift.

The exterior of the car is different, but one can still see that it is a GT. The changes that have been made to the exterior of the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT are the new grille that looks different in the sense of its shape as it has been made slightly more vertical and even more squared off on the ends. The bumper has an air intake that is a lot wider and the quad headlights have been restyled to suit the rest of the vehicle.

The appearance of the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT is not the same as the previous models which portrayed a delicate touch of sporty design, the 2008 model is sportier than any of the other models and this can be seen without even studying the car up close. The designers of the vehicle needed to blend the customary Bentley seal as well as hand craftsmanship with superior quality and technology as well as a modern profile. Typical tires for this vehicle are 19 inches. The back spoiler will automatically rise when the car reaches a high speed and many will say that this is the feature of the vehicle they admire the most. The air springs of the car hold certain electric dampers. These dampers have been modified to improve the comfort of the ride.

Under the hood of the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT is where it all happens! Working with identical turbo-chargers, the 4 overhead cam 6 liter W 12 can make 552 horsepower at 6100 revs per minute and 479 feet-pounds of torque. The Speed model of the GT basically has the same engine as the 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT, except it is more advanced with certain parts.

Safety is a major issue with the vehicles and drivers of today, but there are more than enough safety precautions within this vehicle, the rest is up to the driver. Air disc brakes feature Bosch anti-lock mechanisms with brake force allocation. Carbon earthenware brakes are also an option if you would rather prefer something like that. The normal electronic system adds an extra Sport traction mode which will allow wheel-spinning easily at slow speeds. Another safety precaution that this car has is side curtain and side impact airbags.

The 2008 Bentley Mansory Continental GT is available in different colors, but the certain colors in which you can get them may depend on where you purchase them. Normally, you will have a choice when it comes to the interior as well as the exterior color of the vehicle. This is also when you will determine the other optional factors of the vehicle. There may not be all that many features that you can personalize to the exact way you want it, but it is more than any previous model of this kind has ever offered before.

This is a wonderful car, whether it is for a male or female; it’s great, sporty looking, but at the same time as stylish as a car can get. It rides smoothly and it is the ideal car for any sporty-car lover!

SOURCE : autosvans.doodig.com

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