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Nissan Upcoming Cars : High End Cars in Mumbai

As the Indian economy is increasing day by day, more young people, IT professional and entrepreneurs are coming to spend money on new cars in Mumbai. It has become big business in India. The present market of car is estimated 5,000-5500 units per year and it is considered that the market will reach 10,000 units by 2011. In 1994, Daimler Chrysler entered India and launched Mercedes Benz Ltd. Mercedes Benz recently introduced Mercedes Benz S and CL class vehicles. Although, Mumbai car market is not so developed as compared to Japan and America, but small cars are in craze nowadays. Many global auto companies like Honda and Hyundai and local ones like Maruti and Tata are starting to launch small car models in Mumbai roads. The Tata’s Rs. 1 lakh car has changed the car markets in Mumbai. In the last 4 years, car enthusiasts were waiting to introduce the low cost Tata cars in Mumbai. Two third of Indian population earn less money as compared to urban counterparts. These news cars in Mumbai would definitely affordable for these people. The auto industry is currently in the process of spending Rs 80,000 crore in India, 65% of which is provided to the small car production.

Here are some modern and upcoming cars in Mumbai. Hyundai Santa Fe is a brand that derives its name from the Spanish transliteration. Hyundai requires a lot of this to launch this brand in India. Fiat, with an old association with India is coming out with another hatchback, the Grande Punto. Honda which is considered as the prime car brand in India is launching the car model Jazz around the middle of this year. This is going to be an unusual hatchback into the Mumbai car market from this esteemed company. With broad range of colors and striking appearance, Jazz will be same as Fiat Punto Grande. It has the price of about 5-6 lakh. People with average income will be satisfied with these new cars in Mumbai. These cars in Mumbai will fulfill the requirements of an average person to reach their destination at fix time in less fuel.

For being a small hub in Mumbai, there are basically four main points. Firstly, India should be in top two car production countries of the world. Small cars should have a good share of the domestic market. Maruti-Suzuki decides to make India the hub to the export and manufacture of A Star, while Nissan has announced its interests of creating India an export base. New technologies and latest techniques are applied in development of the Tata’s nano. The competition in the auto market is taking car prices low as well as producing better products for customers. With the high population, Mumbai has many new markets for cars. The competition has also made Mumbai car industries to deliver their best. Some of the latest and new cars in Mumbai include Tata Nano, Skoda New Laura, Maruti Ritz, Rolls Royce, Mahindra New Scorpio, Porsche New Cayman and Phantom Coupe.

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