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Those who love open water cruises will sure love this magazine that discusses everything related to yachts. It includes all what you may need to know about powerboats, gear, and boat accessories. Starting with the Editor’s Letter, George Sass is discussing his long journey with boat reviews and how he enjoyed a long trip from Connecticut to Long Island testing a new boat.

At the Currents section, read about the Yachting journey with the famous filmmaker, Sprague Theo Bald, through the Northwest Passage. Read the filmmaker comments about the trip and how he enjoyed it very much. In the same section, you do not want to miss the useful article about the important light signals that you must know. On the same section, read about the different shows you can attend in Florida and Miami. Mary South is also talking about the new direction in the world Class Yachts. She is talking about how this category is growing bigger and what the extra features added are. On the Power Play section, Jay Coyle is sharing his tips of finding the right Boat for you, and how you can spot your perfect boat in a busy Marina.

While on the design section, you can read about WHY, Wally Hermes Yacht, and their extraordinary designs that flip the yacht-designing world upside down. Do not miss that article if you enjoy thinking out of the box.

Meet again with Mary South describing her adventure in the Florida Keys, discover which places you need to visit while you are there, what you can do and what type of vacation you can expect there. It is a wonderful article about a wonderful place that every boater should visit. Make sure you read this one if you plan to go there.

On the Yachtsman section, Kim Kavin is checking several charter yachts that are small in size but with great capabilities like the larger ones. Come along and check different yachts with over 100-change order to look like the larger ones and with the same amenities onboard

Read a great article about this experienced captain commenting on the boats he tested during his career. The article contains a lot of useful information about several yacht types and their pros and cons.

Mary south comes back with a very interesting article talking about the new trends in yacht interior designs. The article displays, with many photos, the different new luxury designs implemented in yachts and how they affect the overall appearance of these yachts. The article also suggests several tips to make use of every bit of the yacht to make it more luxurious.

Join the editors in a quick glimpse through the different new gears and electronic gadgets that you can upgrade into. It is a very nice way to give your boat a nice appearance and better performance.

The magazine is full of interesting articles and here are some examples, George Sass comes back with a long article remembering his trip around Manhattan in a Sunseeker 48. Jay Cole is answering an important question about what you can expect from a tournament design boat and what upgrades would be useful on such models.

To make the long story short, the magazine is full of fantastic articles that will grab you by eyeballs. Subscribe today so you do not miss an issue.

SOURCE : magazineera.blogspot.com

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