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Spec Hummer H2 engine, price and wallpaper

The future of Hummer is now in the hands of China’s car manufacturers.

However, the condition does not make the long chassis jeep image of American pride faded, especially after getting a touch of home modifications creations of German origin GeigerCars. The result is a Hummer H2 Bomber. Sport utility vehicle typical of the United States was modified specialty vehicles like snow. All four original wheels replaced with a wheel-88M1 Mattracks chain model A1. The size of each wheel, 150 cm (length) and 40 cm (width). Size makes performance Bomber higher. Not only that, the wheels are also able to create a solid footing, even when in extreme terrain like snow.

From the factory, H2 has a V8 engine with maximum power and torque of 329 dk 365 lb-ft at 4000 rpm. However, with a touch GeigerCars, his strength has increased to 398 dk at 5700 rpm and 423 lb-ft of torque at 4300 rpm. To add to the impression exclusive, this product is painted with a silver exterior plus a variety of additional devices, such as lamps of fire on the roof and sides of vehicles.

In addition, the Hummer H2 also features a sunroof, navigation systems, DVD players, and monitors equipped with headphones to see through the rear view camera. For customers, GeigerCars offers several features, among other models LPG fuels that can accommodate 155 liters. Currently, the Hummer H2 has been demonstrated in snowy mountainous areas Nordschelife Nurburgring, Germany.

If you search the master off-road products, H2 is the right choice. Armored Hummer with legs, no obstacles that could block it.

SOURCE : mintori.com

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